Who are we?

Football Agency Venezuela, Agencia de Futbol Venezuela (AFV) in Spanish, was founded in 2013 with the objective of fulfilling a demand for professional representation in the yet incipient Venezuelan football market.

Since 2014, the AFV has established itself as a benchmark in the sector, providing international coverage to high-performance athletes in the football field.

Internally, what began as a personal project of our current associates, Daniel Yamin, and Liz Daniela Diaz, has evolved throughout the years to become one of the most renowned agencies in the country.

Nowadays our organization chart is based on the partnership with local agents in the main leagues of the world, which allow us to offer our athletes the best national and international projection.

Our professional services for athletes include the promotion and search of the best economic and sports offers, being the main object the medium and long-term planning of their sports career; as well as the counseling regarding economic and legal matters to solve any problems or concerns that could arise during, or after, the formalization of the agreements.

Our mission as an agency is to offer a professional service based on ethical behavior and transparency with the athletes we represent, and the teams demanding our services.